Nic Barthelemy

Chief Technology Officer

Mailing Address:
20 N. Clark Street
Suite 3300
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Tel/Fax: (844) GO-INCUB [464-6282]

Nic is an experienced software development executive.  He is bi-lingual in business and technology, and he loves bridging the gaps between the two.

He has started companies and helped build others.  He has run teams large and small, both in the Fortune 50 and the garage start-up.

Over the past 20+ years, Nic has worked hands-on in roles ranging from developer to technical writer.  He still enjoys writing code (and does) — Ruby mostly (with a dash of Haskell) — and he loves solving big technical problems, but his real strengths are in strategy, communication, and team management.

Software development is an extremely creative and collaborative process.  More than anything, people matter.  An inspired team all aiming at a focused objective can accomplish anything together.  Nic strives to build focused, happy, inspired, and inclusive teams.