EffortlessLegal Launches New AI-Powered Legal Invoice and Matter Management System

CHICAGO, IL:  EffortlessLegal, a legal tech company bringing advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to the legal space, announced today the public launch of BillerAssist for Clients Complete, a state of the art AI-powered legal invoice and matter management system.

“We designed our BillerAssist for Clients Complete app based on the feedback we received from several in-house counsel regarding their needs and pain points with other invoice and matter management systems,” said Holly Urban, the CEO and co-founder of EffortlessLegal.

“Our app offers the core features that meet these common needs and pain points while avoiding features that were not actually being used,” Urban added.  “Our focused approach makes the app streamlined and efficient, without expensive and unnecessary complexity.”

The new BillerAssist for Clients Complete application offers legal departments a secure, automated, and easy to use invoice and matter management solution that delivers on utility. 

The new application costs only $149 per month. There are no additional charges for multiple internal users or multiple outside counsel. There is no long-term contract required, and companies can cancel anytime.

Automates Legal Invoice Review

“One common pain point among the in-house counsel with whom we spoke was the time needed to review and adjust outside counsel invoices,” said Urban.

To address this issue, BillerAssist for Clients Complete automatically identifies excessive and unreasonable charges, as well as violations of outside counsel guidelines for billing, based on each company’s settings in the application.  All excessive charges and billing violations are automatically flagged with simple red-yellow-green “stoplight” color codes.

This feature substantially decreases invoice review time – just look for the color codes.

Reduces Billing Disputes Using AI

“In the feedback we received from in-house counsel, we also learned that dealing with billing disputes are another common pain point,” Urban added.  “We found that the billing disputes almost always arose from differing expectations between in-house counsel and their law firm counterparts.”

Most other invoice and matter management systems only provide law firms with an interface to upload invoices in various LEDES or other electronic formats.

To address the problem of billing disputes, BillerAssist for Clients Complete also shows the same automated “stoplight” color codes in the interface that the law firms use.  This allows the law firms to easily avoid and correct any excessive and unreasonable charges, or violations of outside counsel guidelines, before invoices are submitted.

Legal departments can now easily communicate their billing expectations in real time to their outside counsel, and drastically reduce billing disputes.

Automatically Standardizes Billing Data

“Another common pain point identified by in-house counsel was wide variations and errors with UTBMS coding of entries,” said Urban.

Most invoice and matter management systems allow or require billing entries to be UTBMS coded, and the codes usually must be entered manually by the outside counsel law firms.  This manual data entry frequently results in idiosyncratic differences and errors, making the UTMBS codes unreliable.

The BillerAssist for Clients Complete application solves this common problem by completely automating and standardizing UTBMS codes across all entries imported or entered by outside counsel.

Results Tailored to Each Company

The application’s automation features use advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology that adapts to each company’s specific needs.

BillerAssist for Clients Complete provides each company with its own private data set for unique and custom-tailored results.  Companies can upload their own approved invoice data from another source at any time.  All invoices approved in the app are also automatically added to each company’s own private data set.

This makes the app smarter and better with use.

Fast and Easy Set Up

In addition, the BillerAssist for Clients Complete application comes pre-trained with its own built-in data set to allow companies to get up and running right away.

Therefore, unlike most other legal invoice and matter management systems, the app can be set up in under 5 minutes.

Additional Useful Features

BillerAssist for Clients Complete also comes with a secure messaging and status reporting interface, similar to Slack or Microsoft Teams, that allows for encrypted transfer of sensitive files.

Legal departments can assign specific matters to specific outside counsel users, easily track invoices and payments, generate various reports, and effortlessly manage and control legal spending.

The app also allows clients to automatically enforce budgets, billing rate limits, status reporting, and timely billing requirements.

Established Track Record

The new application uses tried and true technology that EffortlessLegal has been perfecting over the last six years.

“Our BillerAssist for Clients Complete app is a client-facing version of our BillerAssist line of products. We’ve been testing and improving the BillerAssist automation applications with live law firms since at least February of 2016,” said Urban.

More Information

Demonstration videos and other details are available on EffortlessLegal’s website.

Businesses interested in learning more also can get a free trial before making a purchase decision.


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