RudiCoder Announces First Public Launch of Food Import/Export Automation App “PriorNotify”

CHICAGO, IL:  After months of testing and improvements with feedback from early adopters worldwide, RudiCoder LLC, an e-commerce logistics firm in downtown Chicago, launched PriorNotifya revolutionary e-commerce enabled application.

PriorNotify automates the regulatory process for selling and shipping international food and beverages to customers in the USA.

It completely eliminates the hassle of both “prior notices" and “commercial invoices".

According to Holly Urban, CEO and co-founder of RudiCoder, “PriorNotify is a game-changer. If you sell or ship non-US food and beverage items to customers in the USA, you are aware of how challenging and time-consuming the US FDA regulatory procedure may be. With our PriorNotify app, the process can be finished in seconds,” continued Urban.

Producers of food and beverages, retailers, wholesalers, drop shippers, and fulfillment and shipping services are all intended users of PriorNotify. International businesses can now easily sell and deliver edible goods to US-based distributors, retailers, and customers.

For businesses using Shopify, WordPress (WooCommerce), Magento, PrestaShop, and WiX, PriorNotify offers easy integrations that help complete the regulatory process as soon as a product is purchased.

Additionally, the app integrates easily with any order management system and online shops like Amazon. Customer order data can be simply uploaded or submitted through the API (Application Programming Interface), enabling high-volume merchants to work fast and effectively.

PriorNotify is designed for e-commerce and makes it simple for drop shippers, overseas producers, shipping and mailing businesses, and other merchants to collaborate.

Producers of food or beverages, for instance, can complete the regulatory procedure immediately after a customer makes a purchase from a company that sells their goods. This allows food producers to work easily with drop shippers to increase sales. Similarly, PriorNotify enables drop shippers to immediately notify manufacturers of every order and finish the regulatory procedure.

Additionally, PriorNotify enables shipping and fulfillment businesses to instantly finish the regulatory procedure following a customer transaction. This allows shippers and fulfillment companies to reduce friction and related overhead expenses.

Users of PriorNotify can also quickly create commercial invoices for the US customs process. Additionally, each page of the PriorNotify app may be automatically translated into a huge variety of languages.

PriorNotify enables businesses to easily grow their product offerings, their revenues, and their customer base in the USA, while also significantly lowering their overhead costs," stated Ralph Wutscher, Chief Legal Officer and fellow co-founder of RudiCoder.

Prices are competitive, with discounts starting at $0.10 for each prior notice. No startup fees, no monthly minimum fee, no user fees, and no additional expenses for pre-selected product assortments are required. PriorNotify offers free trials as well.

A food and drink-focused e-commerce automation business, RudiCoder LLC is situated in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Visit for more information.