EffortlessLegal Announces Highly-Anticipated “Beta” Launch of EffortlessBudget

EffortlessLegal Announces Anticipated Beta Launch of EffortlessBudget

CHICAGO: EffortlessLegal, a Chicago based tech company bringing advanced automation and machine-learning products to the legal space, announced today the “beta” launch of EffortlessBudget, an application that syncs law firm and client billing systems to automate budget tracking and provide real-time alerts.

“Law firms should not have to manually coordinate their billing systems with those of their clients,” said Holly Urban, the CEO and co-founder of EffortlessLegal.  “Now they don’t have to!” she added.

“We received a large number of inquiries from various law firms regarding this application, and are excited to make EffortlessBudget available to the public in this ‘beta’ release,” said Urban..

EffortlessBudget automates a law firm’s budget tracking and compliance with ease, and can be customized for specific budgeting needs.

“Our real-time alerts help law firms stay on budget with their clients like never before,” added Urban.  “Our ‘always on’ technology continuously monitors both the law firm’s billing system and the client’s billing system, syncing with the two in order that the firm can stay on budget.”

The application currently works automatically with EffortlessLegal’s “BillerAssist Complete” application, law firm billing and practice management system Clio, and client matter management system Serengeti (Legal Tracker) by ThomsonReuters, with more integrations coming in the near future.  The application also allows individual matter budgets to be set and configured manually, to allow even more ease of use.

Lawyers get real-time alerts by email when they are nearing or exceeding their client’s budgets on matters they are working on.

The application automatically adjusts accruals whenever a time or expense entry is made, and adjusts past spending whenever bills are submitted.

“By pairing and linking client and matter billing systems for maximum accuracy, EffortlessBudget eliminates unexpected surprises that law firms have been seeking to avoid,” added Urban.  “This avoids the headaches that surface later when invoices are rejected for exceeding budget limitations.”

Firms interested in learning more can receive a free trial before making a purchase decision.

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