KONFIRMI: Easily Comply with Age Limits, CCPA, GDPR, KYC

Online Identity Verification with Konfirmi - Comply with All Data Privacy Laws

Konfirmi makes online customer verification easy, affordable, and compliant. The company announced today it emerged from its “beta” launch with significant improvements and upgrades to its revolutionary automated customer verification application for websites and mobile apps.

More specifically, with the newly upgraded and improved version of Konfirmi, you can now:

  • Easily comply with Age Verification requirements! In many parts of the world, online sellers of age restricted products — like liquor, tobacco and vaping products, pornography, and gambling services — must check the buyer’s government-issued photo ID, or in some cases at least verify the buyer’s information against consumer databases, to ensure that the buyer is old enough. In most cases, businesses must keep a clear audit trail showing the verifications were done properly. This is all easy to do with Konfirmi!
  • Easily comply with the CCPA and GDPR! Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), businesses must now provide California customers with a copy of their personal information held by the business, and “reasonably verify” that the request is from the customer. Businesses must also comply with requests from California customers to delete their information, and “reasonably verify” that the request is from the customer. Similar requirements apply to companies doing business with European Union (EU) residents under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Konfirmi handles this for you!
  • Easily verify your Customer’s Information! Konfirmi allows you to check your customer’s name, email address, home or mailing address, phone number, and age with third-party sources. This helps prevent fraud, and comply with “know your customer” (KYC) requirements. Now you can choose from various third-party data services to buy direct, and save money! This is easy to do with Konfirmi!

“Konfirmi can be fully set up in under 5 minutes, making customer verifications easy, affordable and secure. You are also able to adjust the verification parameters to suit the specific needs of your business,” said Holly Urban, CEO of Incubator, the Chicago-based software development company that built Konfirmi.

You can easily integrate Konfirmi with most any online store, online application, or on-phone application in just minutes. The app also provides multiple different verification options, and allows users to pick and choose which ones they want to use.

Specific “pre-built” integrations are now offered for WooCommerce and many popular WordPress contact forms (such as AgileCRM, Caldera Forms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms). Additional integrations will be offered soon.

“Our patent-pending application lets you to decide how much ID verification is cost-effective for your business, as well as which methods you want to use to verify your customers,” said Urban.

“It’s easy to implement – we provide a video on our website showing the app getting set up in under 5 minutes. This is great for small businesses, and we also offer enterprise solutions.”

Businesses that are interested in learning more can get a free trial before making a purchase decision.

Konfirmi wishes to again express it appreciation for the excellent suggestions that its initial users provided during the “beta” launch. “We value customer feedback, and go through a lot of effort to make sure our apps provide the most value and usability for our users,” Urban added.


About Konfirmi: Konfirmi provides an easy way for you to identify your customers. Set up takes less than 5 minutes! PATENT PENDING. Copyright 2020, Konfirmi LLC. The Konfirmi name and logo are both trademarks owned by Konfirmi LLC. All rights reserved.