EffortlessLegal Announces Upcoming Beta Launch of Its “BillerAssist for Clients” Application

CHICAGO:  EffortlessLegal, a Chicago based tech company bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning products to the legal space, announced today the upcoming “beta” launch of BillerAssist for Clients. 

The new application uses AI and machine learning to control legal expenses, with law firm and client-facing user interfaces to reduce billing disputes.

“We received a lot of attention and inquiries about our ‘BillerAssist for Clients’ application, and are pleased to announce its upcoming beta launch anticipated in July 2020,” said Holly Urban, the CEO and co-founder of EffortlessLegal.

The new application is intended to address several pain points in the billing process, both from the perspective of law firms and from the perspective of their clients.

“Reviewing legal bills should not be an arduous task,” said Urban.  “In-house legal teams should be able to obtain compliant bills from their outside counsel, with standardized entries that are capable of being readily approved, and with the underlying data capable of being easily put to use for internal analysis,” she added.

Urban also noted that “law firms should be able to easily provide bills that their clients will find reasonable and compliant with billing guidelines.”

Moreover, Urban added that, in designing the BillerAssist for Client application, EffortlessLegal heard from many businesses and their law firms that they wanted greater simplicity, with essential features and without a high monthly cost.

“We’ve created an app to solve these various issues.  Our ‘beta’ launch is intended to obtain feedback on our design, and make things even better,” said Urban.

The BillerAssist for Clients application includes both a user interface for clients and a user interface for law firms.  The client-facing interface allows a legal department to review their outside counsel’s bills, assign matters to outside counsel, generate many different kinds of reports, track invoicing and matter spend, and conduct other matter management activities.  

On the other hand, the law firm facing interface allows law firms to easily import their billing entries in various different formats, make entries and changes directly into the interface, and easily view comments and edits made by their clients.

Both interfaces provided clear color codes to indicate outside counsel guideline violations, unreasonable and excessive charges, as well as overbilled matters.  

In this way, the BillerAssist for Clients application makes reviewing bills by in-house counsel very easy, because they just have to look for the color codes. Similarly, the color codes provide clear communication to outside counsel about what the client will and will not pay for, before the invoices are submitted, and even before the work is done or before an expense is advanced.

In addition, the BillerAssist for Clients application automatically applies Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS) codes to all entries imported or entered by the law firms.  From the law firm’s perspective, this completely eliminates the hassle of manually coding each entry.  From the client’s perspective, the automation of UTBMS codes eliminates idiosyncratic or erroneous codes.

The UTBMS and color codes are both generated from the client’s own history of approved and paid bills, as well as by manual controls set by the in-house legal department.  The application’s machine learning technology learns from the client’s prior billing history, and from on-going edits and approvals, to become even more accurate as it is used.

The BillerAssist for Clients application therefore allows billing to be standardized and useful for internal analysis by the client’s legal department, as well as predictable for outside counsel.

The application is intended for use and integration with existing platforms like Onit, Serengeti Legal Tracker by Thomson Reuters, CounselLink by LexisNexis, and other similar systems.  Alternatively, the BillerAssist for Clients application can be used on a stand-alone basis for companies that just want to use the unique features of the app.

Businesses interested in learning more can receive a free trial before making a purchase decision.


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