BillerAssist Apps Now Available for Action Step, Practice Panther, and Rocket Matter – In Addition to Clio, Timeslips, Others

CHICAGO, IL:  EffortlessLegal, a legal tech company offering advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions to law firms and their clients, today announced the debut of its BillerAssist line of apps for Action Step, Practice Panther, and Rocket Matter users.

What is “BillerAssist”?

The BillerAssist applications — which include BillerAssist, Effortless EasyCodes, and BillerAssist EasyCodes Edition — enable law firms to use powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to streamline the billing review and approval processes, allowing law firms to easily send out clean and standards-compliant bills.  

Law firms can do all of this without changing from their existing billing system.

With the BillerAssist apps, law firms can leverage their own billing data to assure compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines, and entirely automate UTBMS/LEDES coding without the need of manual selections or pulldown menus. 

These important features help law firms avoid write-downs and write-offs in the face of rising scrutiny from clients.

“Our customers have observed an increasing number of clients requiring compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines," stated Holly Urban, EffortlessLegal's CEO and co-founder. “If bills are not compliant, clients will reject or substantially reduce them. As such, law firms must exercise increased diligence in meeting client requirements, which would otherwise slow down the billing process…and ultimately, payments to the law firms." Urban added.

“Our apps enable law firms to leverage their own billing data in real time to check for erroneous entries, provide users with accurate work descriptions, and automatically apply UTBMS/LEDES codes to new entries," Urban explained.

Why Is It Useful?

“Partners in law firms should not be required to spend hours each month cleaning up their billing for final invoice submission. Partners also should not need to teach associates and paralegals how to bill. In addition, law firms should not have to manually enter LEDES (UTBMS) codes. These burdens are now gone, thanks to the BillerAssist apps," Urban stated.

Timekeepers at a law firm can use the apps to avoid non-billable or redundant work in real time. This increases efficiency and realizations rates. Additionally, law firms can acquire a single user account and use it for all of their invoice processing and approval needs.

“As a result of this reduction in non-billable work, our test law firms continue to report saving hundreds of hours of partner time previously spent reviewing, rewriting, and approving their invoices," Urban stated.

Videos on the EffortlessLegal website demonstrate how law firm bills can be reviewed for final invoicing at least five times faster than with manual processes. 

“We have demo videos on our website that show step-by-step of just how simple it is to send out clean, completely compliant invoices much faster than ever before," Urban added.

How Is It Different?

Since the time of the ‘beta’ launch of the BillerAssist applications for law firms using Clio and Timeslips in 2019, the legal tech industry has seen a proliferation of similar “automated billing review" products. 

“To our knowledge, none of these other products integrate directly with law firm billing systems like ActionStep, Clio, Rocket Matter, and Practice Panther.  Instead, the other products either require users to switch billing systems, or to adjust invoice data after the fact,” Urban explained.

This means law firms have to go through the trouble and expense of moving all of their billing information to an entirely new system, and completely change the way the law firm operates.  Or, law firms have to compare the adjusted invoice data line by line to look for corrections, and then make those same corrections in their billing systems.

“Either way, we were concerned that these approaches would not actually save law firms any time or hassle,” Urban added.

In addition, the BillerAssist apps’ built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities adjust to the needs of each law practice.

“Our BillerAssist solutions adapt to each law firm or practice group.  The more the apps are used, the more accurate they become. This key feature is unprecedented in this field. The result is that with increased use, law firms save even more time, and ultimately more money," Urban stated.

What Is New?

EffortlessLegal previously released the BillerAssist apps for the Clio and Timeslips legal billing systems, with additional compatibility coming later for a variety of other billing systems such as Elite 3E, Tabs3, MyCase, and many others.  Building on the apps’ popularity, the BillerAssist products are now fully integrated with the legal billing platforms Action StepPractice Panther, and Rocket Matter.

The new integrations leverage tried-and-true technologies that EffortlessLegal has spent the previous six years honing. “We originally released the BillerAssist apps for a law firm February 2016. Since then, we made the apps available for other firms, and have been testing and improving the BillerAssist automation applications with the additional law firm customers. Our integrations with Action Step, Practice Panther, and Rocket Matter now expand our offering and assistance to many more law firms," Urban explained.

Setup of the BillerAssist apps take less than five minutes.  Law firms interested in learning more can sign up for a free trial before making a purchase.


About EffortlessLegal:  EffortlessLegal allows law firms to keep their existing billing systems, while benefiting from the latest in automation technology.  The company is privately held, and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois (USA).  “EffortlessLegal” and all product names and logos are trademarks owned by EffortlessLegal LLC. All rights reserved.